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Beer Of The Week

Enzymatic IPA from Boneyard

Rotating Tap List – 6/28/18


  • Guinness

    Type: Stout

    Brewery: Guinness

    Percent: 4.2%

  • Enzymatic

    Type: IPA

    Brewery: Boneyard

    Percent: 7.0%


  • Namazu

    Type: OPA

    Brewery: Seismic

    Percent: 4.8%


  • Smithwick

    Type: Red Ale

    Brewery: Smithwick

    Percent: 4.5%

  • Briney Melon

    Type: Gose

    Brewery: Anderson Valley

    Percent: 4%

  • Sculpin

    Type: IPA

    Brewery: Ballast Point

    Percent: 7.0%

  • Little Yella Pils

    Type: Pilsner

    Brewery: Oskar Blues

    Percent: 5.3%

  • Shattercone

    Type: IPA

    Brewery: Seismic

    Percent: 7.0%


  • Green Collar

    Type: Pale

    Brewery: Altamont

    Percent: 5%


  • Megathrust

    Type: IPA

    Brewery: Seismic

    Percent: 7.0%


  • Tricerahops

    Type: DIPA

    Brewery: Ninkasi

    Percent: 8%

  • Fruit Elation

    Type: NE Style IPA

    Brewery: Eight Bridges

    Percent: 6.8%

  • 805

    Type: Blonde Ale

    Brewery: Firestone

    Percent: 4.0%

  • Hops Of Wrath

    Type: IPA

    Brewery: Dust Bowl

    Percent: 7%

  • Coors Light

    Type: Lager

    Brewery: MillerCoors

    Percent: 4%

  • Charley Hustle

    Type: Red

    Brewery: Mason

    Percent: 6.8%

  • Coffee Break

    Type: Porter

    Brewery: Shadow Puppet

    Percent: 8.1%


  • Hella Hoppy

    Type: DIPA

    Brewery: Altamont

    Percent: 9.0%

    Pint Night 744

  • Old Chico

    Type: Crystal Wheat

    Brewery: Sierra Nevada

    Percent: 4.8%

  • Rose Cider

    Type: Cider

    Brewery: Angry Orchard

    Percent: 5.5%


  • Flights: Final Four

    Type: Any 4 Above Beers

    Brewery: 5 oz./glass


Plus Full Bar

“The beer here is cold, cold and hop bitter, no point coming up for air, gulp,
till its all–hahhhh”
Thomas Pynochn, Gravity’s Rainbow